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Improving Custom Die Head Production with Co-Extrusion Blow Molding

Improving Custom Die Head Production with Co-Extrusion Blow MoldingMEPER is a leading manufacturer of extrusion blow molding machines, supplying you with the highest quality products and innovative solutions. One of our core areas of expertise is multi-layer extrusion blow molding, which has proven

2023 03-06
MEPER machine mould plate.jpg
Blow molded material

Blow molded materialDo you want to know what materials can be used for blow molding? Here is an introduction to the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of several commonly used materials and their applications. Choosing the right blow molding material for your machine is an important chall

2022 11-28
What is the MEPER blowing extrusion machine funchion

As an efficient plastic processing machine, the hollow blow molding machine sprays out the liquid glue and uses the wind blown by the machine to blow the plastic body into the cavity of a certain shape, so as to make the finished product, which is the blow molding machine in detail. It can produce a

2022 05-20