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Talking about various plastic signs MEPER
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Talking about various plastic signs MEPER

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Talking about various plastic signs MEPER

At present, in the plastics industry, there are 7 commonly used plastic models, as shown in the figure below.

bottle sign

These 7 plastic models refer to the 7 recycling marks for plastic products formulated by the relevant agencies of the plastics industry in the United States. Its main function is to serve as a recycling mark, which is convenient for sorting and recycling, and does not represent the level of food safety.

Number 1: PET material, low heat resistance temperature, mineral water bottles generally use this material and cannot be reused, so the national standard stipulates that PET material cannot be used for bottled water;

Number 2 and 4: high and low pressure polyethylene, which is relatively safe, but the heat-resistant temperature is low and cannot be filled with hot water;

Number 3: Polyvinyl chloride, which contains 100% plasticizers, that is, plasticizers. It is strongly not recommended to use it. I remember that many cups were made of this material when I was a child, and it smelled very bad when filled with hot water;

Number 5: PP, that is, polypropylene, is recommended. Many lunch boxes and baby bottles use this material, with a temperature resistance of about 120 °C;

Number 6: PS, polystyrene, a very brittle material, easy to crack, poor solvent resistance, easy to decompose benzene substances at high temperature, not recommended;

Number 7: Generally refers to PC material, that is, polycarbonate. At present, it is easy to precipitate bisphenol A in international and domestic publicity, but this material has excellent transparency, excellent toughness, and excellent high and low temperature resistance. Personally, I think it is not suitable to use baby bottles , but the use of products such as water cups for adults is not restricted in the national standard.


In extrusion blow molding machines MEPER machine, commonly used plastics are HDPE, PP. For example, common lubricating oil bottles, laundry detergent bottles, and large chemical barrels are all made of HDPE, and some food bottles are made of PP. At the bottom of the product, plastic recycling signs will be added to facilitate recycling.

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