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Take you to understand the characteristics of the blow molding machine screw
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Take you to understand the characteristics of the blow molding machine screw

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Take you to understand the characteristics of the blow molding machine screw

What does a blow molding machine screw do? What are the functions of the blow molding machine screw in the blow molding machine? What is the status of the blow molding machine? Is the blow molding machine segmented? What does each paragraph do?

blow molding machine screw

Generally, the screw of traditional blow molding machine can be divided into three sections: feeding section, plasticizing section and separation section. Seeing the name also understands it almost!

The feeding section is also called the feeding section. That is, after the plastic is conveyed to the screw, with the rotation of the screw, this process is completed in the barrel, so the friction between the barrel and the screw is used to push the plastic to the front for compaction. During this period, the plastic is solid!

The length of the feeding section is also related to the variety of plastics, and the lengths of different materials are different. This is one of the functions of the blow molding machine screw.

Plasticizing section: The purpose of this step is to further compact the plastic and squeeze it hard! Then melt it into a liquid. The following is the detailed abuse process of plastic, please enjoy!

filter net

From the feeding section to the plasticizing section, the plastic moves forward silently, and passes through the screw groove, filter screen, divider plate, and block of the machine head to form a high pressure. Slowly, gradually, it is further compacted. At the same time, the raw materials are rotated and mixed by the barrel and the screw. Under the action of shearing and other tortures, the plastic became very angry, the temperature continued to rise, and it became a liquid. But at this time, part of the plastic body is still solid, and the plastic slowly moves forward to the end of the screw. Due to the frictional heat, the temperature at the end of the screw is very high. When the plastic reaches the end, it has turned into a viscous flow state.

Among them, the filter screen is used to filter impurities that cannot be plasticized by the screw, such as materials with high melting point and metal residues.

A filter device has two upper and lower mesh holes, so that it can be replaced without affecting the work, and each replacement only takes about two or three minutes. According to its replacement method, the hydraulic cylinder can be added, or the screw can be manually rotated and replaced. Adding a hydraulic cylinder is to push and pull with hydraulic force.

MP100FD extrusion blow molding machine

The internal filter is mounted in front of a steel block with many holes, which prevents the filter from being washed away.

The multiplier pressure of the screw installed with the filter screen will increase, and the wear rate of the screw will increase slightly. If it is a brand-new screw, it will have little effect.

There is also a more popular name for the separation section called the homogenization section. It is to further plasticize the plastic after entering the homogenization section, and then extrude it from the screw through constant pressure, quantitative, and constant temperature.

It is very important for the separation section in the production process, because the discharge speed of the entire melting section determines the production efficiency of the separation section. When the discharge speed of the melting section is slow, the separation section will be pulled back, resulting in a decrease in production speed. .

This problem is solved and a screw with a faster discharge speed is realized. In addition to the three sections, an expansion section is added, which is installed between the plasticizing section and the separation section, so that the extrusion volume is larger and the production speed of the separation section is realized. At present, Qingdao Yankang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts extrusion Outlet screw.

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