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MEPER hollow blow molding technology advantage
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MEPER hollow blow molding technology advantage

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MEPER hollow blow molding technology advantage

MEPER hollow blow molding technology advantage

Plastic hollow blow molding is the semi-molten tube billet obtained by extrusion or injection molding is placed in a mold of various shapes, the tube billet is blown by compressed air, so that it is close to the wall of the mold cavity, and then through cooling demoulding to get hollow products forming method. The molding process includes the manufacture of plastic type billet and blow molding. Hollow blow molding is a molding method for making hollow plastic products.


1. Good safety: hollow blow molding without combustion, good insulation performance, non-slip, to ensure the safety of goods and operators.

2. Beautiful appearance: The products of plastic hollow blow molding have edges and corners, beautiful process and higher precision scale.

3. Excellent performance: fast processing and forming, materials in the state of high melting rapid blowing and cold molding, hollow blow molding products internal quality and performance are very stable, in line with national certification standards.

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4. Good environmental protection performance: the products are non-toxic and tasteless, but not by acid and alkali corrosion, easy to clean, no rot.

5. Low transportation cost: most of the plastic products blown out are relatively light, convenient transportation, saving transportation costs.

6. Less investment: plastic hollow blow molding one-time, multi-purpose, low mold cost, the corresponding investment is relatively less.

7. Maintenance repair method: The repair method of blow molding process is very simple, and the damaged place can be repaired at will.

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