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How to blow the angled neck bottle
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How to blow the angled neck bottle

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How to blow the angled neck bottle

The angled neck bottle is not widely used in daily chemical packaging, and is currently mainly used in the packaging of toilet cleaning liquid and shoe polish liquid. Every family needs toilet cleaning liquid to clean every corner of our bathroom and toilet. Today we will talk about the design concept and manufacturing method of toilet cleaning liquid bottle.

    The bend makes it easy for the operator to squeeze the liquid where it needs to be cleaned, especially where the dead ends are not easily accessible. Please see the picture below:

   The production of such oblique-mouth bottles (also known as curved-mouth bottles) is different from the straight mouth, which is mainly reflected in:

angle neck bottle detail

1. The needle blowing system needs to have the same slope as the bottle mouth;

2. On multi-chamber equipment, the cutter should be independent and parallel to the bottle mouth;

3. The pressure of the blowing needle should be properly controlled.

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    If the above three points can be achieved, a smooth and perfect product will be produced. Our company currently provides 50 sets of equipment for the packaging production of foreign companies such as SC Johnson and Miaoguanjia in the United States. We continue to improve according to customer requirements and grow together with customers!

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