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How much does a blow molding machine cost?
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How much does a blow molding machine cost?

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How much does a blow molding machine cost?

What's the price of extrusion blow molding machine?

Usually 1 cavity extrusion blow mold suitable to produce 0-5L plastic products cost as little as $3,000. Small extrusion blow molding machine price is about $22000 without blowing mould.The specific price should be calculated according to the specifications of the equipment and the production process of the product. What is the price of a complete set of hollow blow molding machines based on? MEPER MACHINE will share with you the calculation plan for the price of the complete set of equipment.

The first thing we need to understand is what parts and supporting facilities are included in the complete set of hollow extrusion blow molding machine equipment, as well as other things we don't know.

A complete set of blow molding machine equipment includes: original extrusion blow molding machine, molds, auxiliary machines, etc. Among them, these main equipment will also include various parts and other supporting facilities with different uses.

The price of the complete set of equipment for the blow molding machine is also the price that needs to be calculated separately from the price of the original machine, the price of the mold, the price of the auxiliary machine and the price of other parts and components, and finally the price is aggregated.

However, the prices of these supporting facilities are also uncertain, and different supporting equipment solutions need to be given in combination with different product production processes. Just like the production of chemical barrels, pesticide bottles, oil bottles, daily chemical bottles, etc., the hollow blow molding machine is different in the process settings of the equipment, molds and other equipment configurations.

Therefore, whether it is inquiring with the manufacturer or purchasing equipment, it needs to be based on the actual product production process.

In addition to the price of the equipment itself, some manufacturers may charge some additional service fees, such as: the cost of equipment production plan, the cost of equipment installation and commissioning, and the cost of equipment after-sales service. As long as the price is within a reasonable range, these service fees are all is reasonable. Some manufacturers will also add these costs to the cost of the equipment. Of course, if we encounter a manufacturer that asks for a random price or the price of the equipment is extremely high, we need to consider other options.

Which is the best extrusion blow molding machines?




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How do bottle blowing machines work-blow molding machine process?

Before the equipment is officially produced, it is necessary to set the corresponding equipment processing parameters according to the properties of the plastic products and raw materials to be produced, such as heating time, temperature, cooling time, molding time, wall thickness and so on.

After setting the process parameters, the extrusion blow molding machine equipment needs to be preheated for a period of time, and the feeding production can be started after reaching the temperature standard.

Granular raw materials enter the barrel through the automatic feeding system of the equipment, and are heated and stirred by the barrel and the screw to melt into a molten plastic tubular parison.

The tubular ring is extruded through the extruder and slowly enters the split die. After the parison is extruded, the die is closed, and at the same time, the blowing needle at the bottom of the equipment blows air into the parison for forming the parison.

The parison inside the mold, after the compressed air is introduced, will expand and expand to the inner wall of the mold until it is close to the inner wall of the mold. At this time, the product enters the preliminary forming process.

After a period of stable molding and cooling, the molding of the product is completed. At this time, the mold is opened and the product is released.

The cutter removes the product. The finished product is produced.

How to reduce energy costs in blow molding?

So how to save raw materials and reduce energy consumption?

Plastic blow molding machine is a special equipment for producing plastic hollow containers by extrusion blow molding process.

Because blow molding products have a high degree of integrity, good comprehensive performance, high added value and low cost, most hollow plastic products are obtained by extrusion blow molding.

In the production process, inferior raw materials cannot be used. However, secondary raw materials are possible, but they are not directly mixed into the raw materials. It needs to be done through technology.

MEPER's new technology - multi-layer die technology solves this problem very well.

4 layers screw

In simple terms, the multi-layer die technology is to use raw materials on the outer and inner layers of the blow-molded product, and use high-quality secondary raw materials in the middle.

The multi-layer die design makes the production efficiency of the blow molding machine 5 times higher than that of the traditional blow molding machine, and the utilization rate of recycled materials is increased by 4 times.

At the same time, it supports the production of various blow molding products from 1 layer to 6 layers.


In addition to saving raw materials, it can also ensure a more uniform and stable wall thickness.

The following is a solution regarding energy consumption.

Energy consumption is mainly related to blow molding machine parts and auxiliary machines.

Therefore, to reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to find the problem from the inside of the blow molding machine.

MEPER chooses accessories with good performance, low energy consumption and high efficiency when producing blow molding machines.

Below is an example we used in production.

1. The energy-saving IKV screw makes its plasticizing capacity about 1.5 times faster than that of ordinary screws.

2. As the main clamping device, the servo system can save energy by more than 40%.

3. Energy-saving heater saves more than 30% energy.

4. Innovative die head design, reliable electromagnetic induction heating system, reduced heating time, accurate temperature control, high efficiency and energy saving, improve work efficiency, can save energy by 30%-50%.

Where to buy blow molding machines?

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